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Hickmet Fine Arts, established in 1936 and now in its third generation, exhibits the finest European sculptures and art glass at major antiques fairs in both the United Kingdom and the USA.


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This stunning early 20th century Art Nouveau Secessionist glass vase boasts a captivating petrol blue iridescent surface, reflecting the artistic ingenuity of the era. Its exquisite craftsmanship is complemented by a twin-handled stylized frame, enhancing its visual appeal.

Hallmarked for authenticity, this vase represents a remarkable fusion of aesthetics and functionality during the Art Nouveau movement. The Secessionist style, characterized by its unique and bold design language, shines through this vase's form and iridescent treatment.

A true testament to the creativity and innovation of the period, this vase stands as a prized collectible, embodying the spirit of Art Nouveau's quest for beauty and individual expression.


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