A Rare 19th Century Rosewood Visakhapatnam Chest of Drawers – John Bly

Formally established in 1891, the family firm of John Bly is one of the most well-regarded experts in the world of international antiques and bespoke pieces. The combined talents and distinctive style of father-and-son team John and James Bly have evolved the scope of expertise and taken John Bly into a new era.


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Nestled along India's East Coast, this historic city boasts renown for its intricate and ornamental furniture craftsmanship. Pieces, created primarily for domestic use rather than export, ingeniously employ every part of the rosewood tree, even its sapwood for drawer linings. This heritage is evident in a captivating small chest of drawers, adorned with matching decorative elements on its sides. Enhanced by exquisite gilt metal handles, the piece reflects a legacy of meticulous woodworking. A testament to the city's artistry, this chest harmonizes functionality and beauty, inviting appreciation for its meticulous construction and the region's esteemed furniture tradition.


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