A Pair of Rare Framed Lapidarium – John Bly

Formally established in 1891, the family firm of John Bly is one of the most well-regarded experts in the world of international antiques and bespoke pieces. The combined talents and distinctive style of father-and-son team John and James Bly have evolved the scope of expertise and taken John Bly into a new era.


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Presenting an intriguing set of 18 ancient marble specimens, thoughtfully mounted and framed in the style of a pair of Lapidarium. Encased within recent gilt frames, cleverly painted to imitate the allure of marble, they evoke a sense of timeless fascination. These framed treasures offer a glimpse into the past, showcasing the diverse beauty of ancient marbles while capturing their essence in artful presentation. A harmonious blend of antiquity and modern craftsmanship, they invite exploration and admiration, bridging eras to create a unique and captivating visual experience for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.


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